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JMB Executive
Name: Katrina Leclerc
Position: President
Name: *Open Position*
Position: 1st Vice President
Name: Heather Bowen
Position: Past President
Name: Jen Swick
Position: Treasurer
Name: Ashley Hoskin
Position: Secretary
Name: Kristy Johnson
Position: Registrar
Name: Ashley Miller
Position: Booth Chairman
Name: Alex Croley
Position: Equipment Manager
Name: Miranda Montague
Position: Uniforms
Name: Lori Flowerday
Position: Umpire Liaison
Name: Lori Flowerday
Position: O.R.S.A Coordinator
Name: Jeff Nunn
Position: O.R.S.A Coordinator
Name: Heather Bowen
Position: Banner Coordinator
Name: Carie Simington
Position: Webmaster