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Volunteer Booth Schedule 2017    Thank you!

If you are unable to attend your shift; see if you are able to
switch with another volunteer, or contact Rachel Feeney at
(text) 289-880-5532 or (call) 519-587-3255 or (email) jarvisminorball@gmail.com

2017 Booth Schedule
May 29 6-10pm
Elaine Awde
Tara Martin
May 30

May 31 6-10pm
Kendra Haviland

June 1

June 2

June 5 6-10pm
Katie Dawson
Krystal Dutcher
June 6 6-8pm
Nick Van Hee

June 7 6-10 pm
Laura Lichti
Nancy McKeen
June 8 6-8 pm
Nicholas Awde

June 9

June 12 6-10pm
Carie Simington
Heather Smuck
June 13

June 14 6-10pm
Allison Taylor
Angela Butcher
June 15 6-8pm
Chantel Gowing

June 16 6-8pm
Cliff Burke

June 19 6-10pm
Rob Dosser
Erin/Adam Matthews
June 20 6-8pm
Jeff Matthews

June 21 6-10pm
Cheryl/Clint Mino
Alicia Patrick
June 22 6-8pm
Tanya Armstrong

June 23 6-8pm
Tammy Pickering

June 26 6-10pm
Elaine Awde
Amanda Hand
June 27 6-8pm
Angela Butcher

June 28 6-10pm
Matt Montague
Heather Smuck
June 29 6-8pm
Jill Ings Robillard

June 30 6-8pm
Toni DeMille

July 3 6-8pm
Katie Dawson

July 4 6-8pm
Brenda Lofthouse

July 5 6-10pm
Josh Daley
Danielle MacDougall
July 6 6-8pm
Sheri Bluhm

July 7 6-8pm
Cindy Bryce

July 10 6-10pm
Matt Montague

July 11 6-8pm
Daryl DeKlerk

July 12 6-10pm
Carie Simington
Lindsay Abare
July 13 6-8pm
Pete DeWaard

July 14

July 17 6-10pm
Brittany/Josh Sullivan
Bella McBride
July 18 6-8pm
Jennifer Huitema

July 19 6-10pm
Jon Keefner
Danielle LaBrie
July 20 6-8pm
Krystal Dutcher

July 21 6-8pm
Brenda Lofthouse

July 24 6-10pm
Sierra Lafleur (Kaitlyn)
July 25 6-8pm
Shawn Bartlett
July 26

July 27 6-8pm
Robyn Slater
July 28 6-8pm
Michelle Poss
July 31 6-10pm
Kacie Weller
Trista Schweyer
August 1 6-8pm
Heather Smuck

August 2 6-10pm
Stacey Ouwehand
Kate Solomon
August 3 6-8pm
Nicholas Awde

August 4 6-8pm
Jennifer Huitema
* PWSA Tournament
August 7 6-10pm
Pete DeWaard
August 8 6-8pm
Daryl DeKlerk
August 9

August 10 6-10pm
Krystal Dutcher
August 11

August 14

August 15

August 16

August 17 6-8pm
Robyn Slater
August 18
Booth Closed

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