Have a great season,
let's PLAY BALL!

Click here for the Volunteer Booth Schedule!

The booth is the major income generator for this organization.
We need your support. If you are able to assist, we will
schedule shifts around your child's ball schedule. Thank you.

JMB are accepting applications for booth workers. If you are interested in a paid position,
click, print and fill out the application form and email a copy to jarvisminorball@gmail.com

Student volunteers are encouraged and we will mark your volunteer hours for high school.

O.R.S.A Playdowns begin the second week of July 2017 and can continue or last up to a month depending on team success. Please attempt to schedule holidays accordingly.
Updated for 2017
Coaches, J. Hoskin, C. Broadhead
Coaches, J. Graham, C. Moss, A. Graham, Manager, J. Reicheld
Coach, H. Devins
Coach, A. Smuck
Coach, J. DeWaard
Coach, D. Burman
Coach, I. Cooper, Manager, J. Swick
Coach, J. Richard
Coach, G. Phibbs, Manager, S. Phibbs
Coach, TBA